Kayak the Cacapon RiverA float or kayak down The Cacapon River is a great way to spend a lazy, sunny day. There are several options available — some a little longer than others — but, local boat renter and veggie stand owner, Froggy of Great Cacapon recommended this one and it has come to be our favorite.

First get all your gear together then follow these directions to the low water bridge. Below is a rough map to give you an idea of how to make this run.

Got a better river float plan that you'd like to share?

Send it in and we can see what people think.

What to Bring

Sunscreen - Sitting in an inner-tube under a hot sun for an hour or two can really take its toll. Wear a healthy amount of sunscreen to protect your skin.

Hat - I prefer a big floppy hat that covers your ears and a bit of your neck but any sort will do to give you a little shade from the sun.

Watershoes - Store-bought are fine but the thicker sole of an old pair of sneakers may provide a little more comfort if you have to walk up or down stream.

Sunglasses - Dollar Store shades are the best for tubing. If you lose them you won't feel as bad as saying goodbye to an expensive pair.

Optional Goodies

Inner-Tube or Kayak - May seem odd to put this in the optional gear category but you can enjoy the river just as much by parking your fanny in the shallow end and watching the clouds roll by.

Towel - Air drying is always an option

Cool Drinks (please don't litter)

Waterproof Pouch - Keep keys and such dry until you make the hike back to your car.

Camera - It's beautiful country along the Cacapon River and a picture can capture a little of it to take home. Wanna share a great shot? Feel free to submit your photo here.

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