Below are a few questions that might shed a little light on The Lane's End.

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What is the minimum stay at The Lane's End?

There is a two night stay minimum at The Lane's End. Holidays and special events may require an elevated minimum. Be sure to ask when making your reservations.

What can be expected as far as wildlife?

On the property and the immediate vicinity, you can see a multitude of bird species, deer running away from you at light speed, and a thousand squirrels. If you believe unconfirmed reports there may have been a bobcat in with the sightings as well. What sort of wildlife did you see? Complete the form on this page... we'd love to hear and share. Get a great picture of a hummingbird? We'd love to add it to the site.

Where's the closest grocery store?

The Food Lion in Berkeley Springs is 15 minutes away and can supply nearly everthing you could think of.

Are linens provided?

Yes. Clean linens are provided for each stay.

Are internet and wi-fi available?

There is wi-fi available in the cottage and its signal reaches a good distance. If you wanted, you could sit by the fire pit outside and stream music or watch a youtube video.

How Far is the Cottage from Downtown Berkeley Springs?

Technically I think it is about 6 or 7 miles from 'downtown' Berkeley Springs but with all the winding on back roads it takes about 15-20 minutes.

How is payment made?

Payment for bookings through this site,, are made through a credit card processing company called Square. It is a safe and reputable company that many small businesses use for their card processing.

If you feel more comfortable booking through a vacation rental site, we are listed on and

How private or secluded is the cottage?

With the exception of a small view of the ONE neighbor 50 yards away and across the lane, the surrounding view is 360• woods. No other houses, roads or man-made anything are visible.

Coming in on the lane to the cottage you will likely only see 4 houses in the 3/4 mile drive... one about half way back in the woods, one in a large clearing, the neighbor's house and the cottage where you would be staying.

So... pretty secluded :)

What is the size of the property?

The Cottage at the Lane's End is situated on a wooded 5 acre lot. It has an open area that is great for yard games like Cornhole or throwing a football around.

The lot is smack dab up against the Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area. This is 23000 acres or so and if you walk out the front door and walk around to the back of the house, you would be looking at 23000 acres of undeveloped land.

What will I need to bring? -- Bathrooms

Towels, wash clothes and hand towels will already be out on the bathroom shelves for your use. Toilet paper is, of course, supplied. Personal items like shampoo, conditioner and soap are not provided and you will need to pack this for your stay.

What will I need to bring? -- Kitchen

The kitchen is fairly well stocked with plates, cups and glasses. Pretty much everything you might need to cook an everyday mean is available for use. An electric kettle is available for heating water. A microwave is available. Double boiler or muffin tins... nah... you'll need to bring these along with you. :) Basic spices are in the upper cabinet to the right of the stove. If you leave items in the refrigerator, please mark them with a date so they can be disposed of when expired.

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